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Navone Engineering, Inc.

Are you experiencing annoying engine, or ticking noises that are plaguing your high quality stereo system? David Navone has created a wide range of noise filters, adaptors, pop eliminators and accessories that will take care of most car audio noise problems.

Navone Engineering is known for найти работу в интернете developing and manufacturing innovative autosound related products such as the PD-9 Polarity Checker and the N-1000 Balanced Line Driver. David was awarded a patent for the Balanced Line Driver in 1996. We stock not only the best car audio accessories, we also carry ZDDPlus Products to keep your classic engine running at its best.

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  • After installing your 12 volt isolating power supply on my motorcycle, using it to power all accessories including the CB radio, I tested with some friends a couple of weekends ago. The result was brilliant clear sound from my iPod and to/from the CB. After many years of trying various filters and other solutions it is great to have something that just plugs in and works. It's a fantastic product. You should receive some more orders from members of our riding group.